The Third National Conference on Agro-Informatics and Precision Agriculture 2012 (AIPA 2012)


Oral Papers


ICT for Agricultural Research, Education and Extension


Role of ICT in the Climate Resilience of Farmers: A Pilot Study in Belgaum District of Karnataka

H. Venkatesh, R.B. Rajput, V.U.M. Rao, J.R. Hiremath and S. Shashikumar


Micro-Level Drought Preparedness with ICT Tools and Information Services: Experiences From ICRISAT

G. Sreedhar, G. Dileep Kumar, P. Vijaya Raju, N.T. Yaduraju and R. Nagarajan


Agricultural Knowledge Management Using an e-Platform

Shashi Dahiya, S.N. Islam and Anshu Bharadwaj


Agridaksh-A Tool for Developing Online Expert System

Sudeep Marwaha


Impact Analysis and Experience of eSagu Implementation for Cotton Crop

B. Venkateshwar Rao, A. Sudarshan Reddy and P. Krishna Reddy


ICTs for Agricultural Extension: A Study in Bagalkot District of Karnataka State, India

B.S. Yenagi, K.B. Yadahalli, R. Gurumurthy and L. Krishna Naik


KVK-Net and vKVK: Novel Approaches for Information Communication and Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture

L.B. Hugar, A. Prabhuraj, Nandini and Poornima


Assessment of Nutrients Status in Cotton Growing Area of Haveri District in Northern Transitional Zone of Karnataka and Response of Cotton to Applied Nutrients at Different Yield Targets

N.R. Mamaledesai, P.L. Patil, C.P. Chandrashekar, M.P. Potdar, S.A. Astaputre, S.R. Desai and Hanumantha Swamy


Village-Level eSagu: A Scalable and Location-Specific Agro-Advisory System

P. Krishna Reddy, B. Bhaskar Reddy and M. Kumaraswamy


Viewpoint of the Farmers towards ICT in Agriculture at Village Level

Nikulsinh M. Chauhan


Factors Influencing the Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Tools by the Rural Farmers in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra, India

L.J. Armstrong and N. Gandhi


ICT Based Agro-Informatics for Precision and Climate Resilient Agriculture

R.N. Sheokand and Surender Singh


A Framework of Crop Specific Virtual Labs to Impart Applied Agricultural Knowledge

B. Bhaskar Reddy, P. Krishna Reddy and M. Kumaraswamy


Mobile Phone: A Way to Connect Farmers to Market

Rashmi Shrivastava and V.K. Verma


Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Identification and Assessment of Crop Growth in Wazirabad Command Area by Calculation of Irrigation Losses and Demand to Improve the Farming

Ramesh Naidu, M.V.S.S. Giridhar and Sanghamitra Ghosh


ETL Techniques and Challenges in Agriculture Intelligence

Tejas Ghadiyali, Kalpesh Lad and Bankim Patel


ICT for Natural Resource, Livestock,
and Agricultural Supply Chain Management


Agro-Informatics in the Service of Rural Development

P.P. Nageswara Rao


Disseminating Land Resource Information in Electronic Form

S. Srinivas, K.M. Nair, Rajendra Hegde, L.G.K. Naidu and Dipak Sarkar


NDVI Based Assessment of Regional Level Abiotic Stress

D.V.K. Nageswara Rao, L.G.K. Naidu, S. Srinivas, K.P.R. Vittal and P.S. Minhas


Soil Resource Appraisal towards Land Use Planning Using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS-A Case Study in Medak Nala Watershed in Northern Karnataka, India

U.K. Shanwad, V.C. Patil, H. Honne Gowda and K. Ashoka Reddy


Effect of Feeding Maize Silage Supplemented with Concentrate and Legume Hay on Nutrient Utilisation in Nellore Ram Lambs

M. Venkateswarlu, Y. Ramana Reddy, D. Nagalakshmi, D. Srinivasa Rao, M. Mahender and A. Rajasekhar Reddy


Scope of Precision Tools in Livestock Management

K. Sarjan Reddy


Demand Forecasting for Fertilizers-A Tactical Planning Framework for Industrial Use

Viswanath Kumar Ganesan and Sumit Raut


Leverage Agro-Investments by Integrated ICT Technology and Chain Partner Cooperation

D.I. Walter and H. Mayer


Precision Crop Production and Protection


Investigations on Tractor Mounted N-Sensor for Wheat Crop in India

Ankit Sharma, Manjeet Singh and J. Jasper


Precision Nutrient Management of Cassava at Field Scale by a Modeling Approach

G. Byju, A.C. Hridya, C.S. Suchitra and Sabitha Soman


Enhancing the Productivity and Economic Returns of Field Crops with Balanced Nutrient Application through Site Specific Nutrient Management Approach

D.P. Biradar, Y.R. Aladakatti and M.A. Basavanneppa


Precision Nutrient Management in Cotton: A Case Study from Karnataka

U.K. Shanwad, M.B. Patil, N.L. Rajesh, H. Veeresh, G.M. Hiremath, A. Amaregouda, P.S. Kanannavar, V.C. Patil and Raj Khosla


Use of Euclidian Six Point Geometry ("Seed of Life") for Seed Orientation, Precision Sowing and Usable Transplants Recovery in Cucumber

Rakesh C. Mathad, S.N. Vasudevan, S.B. Patil, A.R. Kurubar and N.M. Shakuntala


Simple Yield Prediction Models to Estimate Wheat Production

S.S. Patil, V.C. Patil, B.N. Patil and P.L. Patil


Mechanized Sowing of Major Rainfed Crops Using Precision Planter Cum Herbicide Applicator: A Case Study

G.R. Korwar, I. Srinivas, G. Pratibha, R.V. Adake, Atul Dange and M. Udaykumar


Precision Nitrogen Management for Improving Rice Yield in Lateritic Soils

M. Ghosh, D.K. Swain, Madan K. Jha and V.K. Tewari


Hyper-Spectral Data for the Detection of Rice Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB) Disease

Bhupinder Singh, Manjeet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Kamaljeet Suri, P.P.S. Pannu and S.K. Bal


Laser Sensor Based Tractor Mounted Herbicide Applicator

K.N. Agrawal, Karan Singh, P.S. Tiwari and M.P. Chandra


Precision Crop Protection-Crop Health is an Essential Element of Sustainable Agriculture in A.P.

V. Nagi Reddy, T. Ratna Sudhakar and T. Ramesh Babu


Automation of Micro-Jet Irrigation Systems and Production of Nagpur Mandarin

P.S. Shirgure and G.S. Panchariya


Geospatial Technologies in Precision Agriculture


GeoSense: An Information, Communication and Dissemination System for Decision Support in Precision Farming

J. Adinarayana, D. Sudharsan, A.K. Tripathy, S. Sawant, S.N. Merchant, U.B. Desai, S. Devasekhar, K. Karandikar, S. Ninomiya, M. Hirafuji and T. Kiura


Assessment of Climate Change Effect on Water Harvesting Structures in Rainfed Regions: Geospatial Data Mining Approach

S.A. Nallan and L.J. Armstrong


Geospatial Technologies in Characterization of Land Use Systems and Analysis of their Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in Hot Sub-Humid Ecosystem of Central India

G.P. Obi Reddy and Dipak Sarkar


Diversity Analysis of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms in the Central Western Ghats

A.R. Alagawadi, C.K. Doddagoudar, M.G. Mudenoor and P.U. Krishnaraj


Geo-Informatics in Precision Agriculture: Statistical Aspect

Anshu Bharadwaj and Shashi Dahiya


Precision Agriculture Model for Small Farms: A Case Study of Rajankollur Village in Yadgir District of Karnataka, India

V.C. Patil, K.A. Al-Gaadi and M. Rangaswamy


Identification of Soil Fertility Constraints by Geographic Information System (GIS) Technique and Response of Crops to Identified Nutrient Constraints inNorthern Transitional Zone of Karnataka

P.L. Patil, H.B.P. Pulakeshi and G.S. Dasog


Identifying Stress Prone Villages Using Time Series Satellite Imagery: A Case Study on Odisha

Murali Krishna Gumma, Andrew Nelson and Samarendu Mohanty


Spatial Variability of Soil Properties in Basaltic Terrain for Precision Agriculture Using Geospatial Techniques: A Case Study in Savli Village of Wardha District of Maharashtra

Yogita D. Gore, M.S.S. Nagaraju, Rajeev Srivastava and R.A. Nasre


Geo-Spatial Tools to Identify and Estimate the Teak Plantation Productivity

A.G. Koppad and A.R. Alagawadi


Sensor Technologies, Wireless Sensor Networks
and Internet of Things in Precision Agriculture


Application of Sensor Networks for Monitoring Wheat Plants under Permanent Raised Bed Cultivation in Vertisols

C.D. Singh, R.C. Singh and K.P. Singh


Mobile Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks: Precision Agriculture

M. Sujeethnanda and Rama Murthy Garimella


Fuzzy Logic Based Irrigation Control System Using Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Agriculture

Prakashgoud Patil, Umakant Kulkarni, B.L. Desai, V.I. Benagi and V.B. Naragund


Wireless Sensor Network for the Management of Bacterial Blight of Pomegranate

Prakashgoud Patil, Umakant Kulkarni, B.L. Desai, V.I. Benagi and V.B. Naragund


Soil Property Monitoring Using 6LoWPAN-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks

A. Paventhan, Sai Krishna Allu, Sameer Barve, V. Gayathri and N. Mohan Ram


Comparison of Real Time Sprinkler Irrigation Scheduling Based on Soil Moisture Sensor, Sprinkler Irrigation and Flood Irrigation of Wheat in Vertisols

R.C. Singh, C.D. Singh, K.P. Singh and Ramadhar Singh


Cloud Computing Based Image Processing Applications for Agro Informatics Using 'Self Learning System' Approach

Santosh Bothe, R.M. Jadhao and Subhagi Shinde


Internet of Things (IOT) and Cloud Computing for Agriculture: An Overview

V.C. Patil, K.A. Al-Gaadi, D.P. Biradar and M. Rangaswamy


A Roadmap from Internet of Things to Intelligent Agriculture and WoT

Li Li, N. Sigrimis, A. Anastasiou, M. Wang and V.C. Patil


User Acceptance of Cloud Based Online Evaluation-A Case Study at NAARM

V.V. Sumanth Kumar, G.R.K. Murthy, P.D. Sreekanth and Md Zubair Ahmad