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Proceedings of

The First National Conference on Agro-Informatics (NCAI)

3-4 June 2001


V.C. Patil, G.S. Dasog, A.R. Alagawadi, K.C. Shashidhar, D.P. Biradar

Organised by
Indian Society of Agricultural Information Technology (INSAIT),

  • Cover Page[PDF]

  • Proceeding of technical sessions and recommedations [PDF]
  • Index[PDF]
  • List of NCAI Participants/Life members of NCAI [PDF]
  • Contents[PDF]

    1. Agro-informatics in Indian NARS by Anwar Alam, Deputy Director General(Eng.), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi [PDF]
    2. Visions and VSATs: Information strategies for agricultural research By Byron Mook, The International Service for National Agricultural Research, The Hague, The Netherlands [PDF]
    3. Remote sensing in agricultural applications: An overview By Gowrishankar, D. and Adiga, S. Regional Remote Sencing Space Centre-CMO, ISRO Headquaters, Banglore, Karnataka [PDF]
    4. Remote sensing application in natural resource management with special emphasis on use of radars By Nageshwara Rao, P.P. Remote Sencing Service Centre, Indian Space Research Organisation, Banglore, Karnataka [PDF]
    5. Remote sensing and GIS in agricultural resource management By Venkataratnam,L. National Remote Sensing Agency, Balanagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
    6. Soil information system of Baster district in GIS for land use planning
    7. By Maji,A. K., Srinivas,C.V.,Tamgadge,D.B., Obi Reddy,G.P., Velayutham,M., National Bureau of Soil Survey & Land Use Planing, Nagpur, Maharashtra [PDF]

    8. GIS based morphometric information system for terrian and resource analysisBy Obi Reddy,G.P., Maji,A. K., Srinivas,C.V., Kamble, K.H., Velayutham,M. National Bureau of Soil Survey & Land Use Planning, Nagpur, Maharashtra [PDF]
    9. Remote sensing and GIS and agricultural resource development By Sathish,A., Badrinath,M.S., and Prabhakar,K.S. Karnataka State Remote Sensing Application Centre, Banglore, Karnataka [PDF]
    10. Precision farming with GIS: A way to meet the challenges of globalization By Palaniswamy,A. and Rosaiah,Y., Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu [PDF]
    11. Developing forcast models for crop pests and deseases based on spatially explicit and dynamic databaseBy Katuria, Sagar, Chandrashekara,K., Kumar,A.R.V, Reddy,S.V.C, Ganeshaiah,K.N, and Uma Shaankar,R. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scintific Research, Jakkur, Banglore. [PDF]
    12. Simulation Models: Tools for rational and sustainable weed management decisionsBy Prasad Babu,M.B.B. and Yaduraju,N.T, National Research Centre for Weed Science, Jabalpur, Madya PRadesh.[PDF]
    13. Use of SAMBA in agricultural university library for abstract data servicesBy Tamboli,N.M. and Acharya,H.S. Marathwada Agricultural University, Parbhani, Maharashtra [PDF]
    14. Varietal Information System(VIS) in soybeanBy Savita Kolhe,Kavitha Mundankar,Tara Satyavathi, National Research Centre for Soybean(ICAR),Indore, Madya Pradesh [PDF]
    15. Sheep research and management databasesBy Jayashankar,J.,Parthasarathi,S.,Geetalakshmi,V.,and Jangid,M.L., Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar, Rajasthan [PDF]
    16. Expert system application in agricultureBy Devraj,Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur, Utter Pradesh [PDF]
    17. Water production functions for yield prediction in sweet cornBy Ramachandrappa,B.K, Nagappa, Shivakumar,H.K., and Vishwanath,G.B., Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture, UAS, GKVK, Banglore, Karnataka [PDF]
    18. Rural poverty and new information and communication technology By Ajit Maru, Paul Perrault,and Byron Mook, International Service for National Agriculture Research, The Hague, The Netherlands[PDF]
    19. Information and communication technology adoption for agriculture: An Indian case study By Patil,V.C., Ehud Gelb, Naganagouda,R., Gollar,R.G, Ansari,M.R., Maraddi,G.N. and Thimmaraju,R. University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka [PDF]
    20. Vast area network system for transfer of technology

      By Ansari,M.R., Chandargi,D.M., and Bheemappa.A, University of Agricultural Scineces, Dharwad, Karnataka[PDF]

    21. Community teleservice centres: A tool for rural development By Rosaiah Y., and Palaniswamy, A., TamilNadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu [PDF]
    22. Information system for regulated agricultural markets By Metkewer,P.S. and Acharya,H.S., Institute of Information Technology & Management, Marathwada Agricultural University, Parbhani, Maharashtra [PDF]
    23. Decision support systems[DSS] in forcasting of future oilseeds scenario in India-A system dynamic model By Kiresur,V.R., Rama Rao,D., Kalpana Sastry,R., University of Agricultural Sciences ,Dharwad, Karnataka [PDF]
    24. Agro climatic planning and information bank(APIB) By Nageshwara Rao,P.P., Regional Remote Sensing Service centre, ISRO, Banglore, Karnataka [PDF]
    25. Agricultural resource informatics: A Multi-threaded operating system for sustainable agricultural and rural development in India By Madaswamy and Moni, Deputy Director General, National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Information Technology, New Delhi [PDF]
    26. Prospectives of Information technology in sustainable agriculture By Gnanasambhandhan,S.,Mahalingam,P.,Balakrishna Murthy,P. Fredrick Institute of Plant Protection and Toxicology(FIPPAT), Padappai, Tamilnadu[PDF]
    27. Application of Information Technology in Agricultural Marketing By Rai,A.K., Murthy,S.N., Agrawal,S.B., Anay Rawat, Directorate of Instrumentation, JNKVV, Jabalpur, Madya Pradesh[PDF]
    28. A regressional model on specific growth rate of C.Mrigala, in relation to biotic and abiotic conditions in sewage ecosystem By Roy,A.K., Satapathi,P.K., and Antony,A., Bioinformatics Centre, Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar,Orissa [PDF]
    29. Software for reducing inbreeding in livestock herds By Sadana,D.K.,and Avtat Singh, National Bureau of animal Genetic Resources, Karnal, Uttar Pradesh [PDF]
    30. Scope of application of software and databases in aquaculture research By Antony,A., Roy,A.K., and Sathapathy,P.K. Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Lausalyaganga, Bhubaneswar,Orissa [PDF]
    31. E-Agribussiness: Prospects and challenges By Sowmitra Das and Biswas,B.C. The Fertiliser Association of India, New Delhi,[PDF]
    32. Cassava simulation in computer: Potentials and Problems By Santosh Mitra,V.S., Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Thiruvananthpuram,Kerala [PDF]
    33. ISITK-Information System for Indegenous Technical Knowledge By Das,P., Sanjay Kushwaha and Das,S.K., Zonal Co-ordinatiog Unit for TOT Projects(ICAR),Jabalpur, Madya Pradesh [PDF]
    34. Modelling for yield prediction under continuous cultivation of rice-rice system in east coast region of India By Katyal,V.,Gangwar, B. and Yadav,R.L., Project Directorate for Cropping Systems research, Modipuram, Meerut, Utter Pradesh [PDF]
    35. Raitamitra-An useful website for farmers By Subramanya, S., Karnataka State Depatrment of Agriculture,Banglore,Karnataka [PDF]
    36. Software for fertility evaluation in FCV tobacco soils By Ravisankar,H. and Krishnamurthy,V., Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajamundry, Andra Pradesh [PDF]